Radio link quality estimation in wireless sensor networks: A survey

Nouha Baccour*, Anis Koubaa, Luca Mottola, Marco Antonio Zuniga, Habib Youssef, Carlo Alberto Boano, Mario Alves

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Radio link quality estimation inWireless SensorNetworks (WSNs) has a fundamental impact on the network performance and also affects the design of higher-layer protocols. Therefore, for about a decade, it has been attracting a vast array of research works. Reported works on link quality estimation are typically based on different assumptions, consider different scenarios, and provide radically different (and sometimes contradictory) results. This article provides a comprehensive survey on related literature, covering the characteristics of low-power links, the fundamental concepts of link quality estimation inWSNs, a taxonomy of existing link quality estimators, and their performance analysis. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first survey tackling in detail link quality estimation in WSNs. We believe our efforts will serve as a reference to orient researchers and system designers in this area.

ZeitschriftACM Transactions on Sensor Networks
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.09.2012


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