On the universal steganography of optimal rate

Sebastian Berndt*, Maciej Liśkiewicz

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In this work, we present the first secure stegosystem in the common computational model which, for any communication channel, is provably secure, reliable, and has nearly optimal bandwidth, but needs super-polynomial time. This solves several open problems about secret-key steganography in the computational model. In particular, our result answers affirmatively the question whether there exists a secure and reliable universal system of rate asymptotically larger than log⁡κ, where κ is the security parameter. Next, we prove a lower bound on the query complexity of stegosystems showing that our construction is optimal. This lower bound extends the results by Hopper et al. (2009) [19] and by Dedić et al. (2009) [22]. We also discuss universal steganography of optimal rate in the information-theoretic setting. We prove that an exponential number of samples is needed to embed messages in documents of high min-entropy. Our results, together with the result by Cachin (2004) [16], show that the situation of universal steganography in the computational and in the information-theoretic model is analogous: optimal universal steganography exists, but the protocols need super-polynomial time.

ZeitschriftInformation and Computation
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 12.2020


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