Multiple-Motion-Estimation by Block-Matching Using MRF

Ingo Stuke, Til Aach, Erhardt Barth, Cicero Mota: Multiple-Motion-Estimation by Block Matching Using MRF


This paper deals with the problem of estimating multiple motions at points where these motions are overlaid. We present a new approach that is based on block-matching and can deal with both transparent motions and occlusions. We derive a block-matching constraint for an arbitrary number of moving layers. We use this constraint to design a hierarchical algorithm that can distinguish between the occurrence of single, transparent, and occluded motions and can thus select the appropriate local motion model. The algorithm adapts to the amount of noise in the image sequence by use of a statistical confidence test. Robustness is further increased with a regularization scheme based on Markov Random Fields. Performance is demonstrated on image sequences synthesized from natural textures with high levels of additive dynamic noise and on real video sequences.
ZeitschriftInternational Journal of Computer and Information Science
Seiten (von - bis)141-152
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2004


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