Isolated subcutaneous implantation of a borderline ovarian tumor: A case report and review of the literature

Malgorzata Banys-Paluchowski*, Borsu Yeganeh, Jutta Luettges, Achim Maibach, Ruediger Langenberg, Natalia Krawczyk, Peter Paluchowski, Holger Maul, Gerhard Gebauer

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Laparoscopy-related tumor implantations of gynecological malignancies into the subcutaneous tissue are rarely diagnosed. We report an interesting case of a 46-year-old female who presented with an abdominal subcutaneous metastasis of a borderline ovarian tumor. The patient received a laparoscopic unilateral adnexectomy for a solid-cystic tumor of the right ovary. Histopathological workup showed a papillary borderline tumor of mucinous type. Nine days later she underwent a hysterectomy, left adnexectomy, appendectomy and omentectomy. Exploration of the peritoneum revealed no intraperitoneal implants. Further exploration showed a non-invasive implant of a borderline tumor in the subcutaneous tissue above the fascia that had no contact to the peritoneum. It is hypothesized that tumor cells may have been implanted during a previous laparoscopy, the most recent of which had been fourteen years prior to her current presentation. Various risk factors for port-site malignancies have been identified. Tumor manipulation and extraction of tumor tissue without a protective bag may contribute to development of trocarsite metastasis.

ZeitschriftWorld Journal of Clinical Oncology
Seiten (von - bis)270-274
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 10.04.2016


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