Interventionelle therapie von lebermetastasen

M. Birth*, P. Hildebrand, M. Kleemann, H. P. Bruch

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If non-resectable liver metastases remain untreated, the median survival only comes to a few months. While searching for alternative therapies, a number of procedures, which cause devitalization of metastases by different modes of action, has been invented. Among these procedures count thermal radiofrequency ablation (RFA), laser-induced thermotherapy, cryoablation, transarterial chemoembolization, focused ultrasound, microwave ablation, intratumoral injection of cytotoxic substances and electrolysis. In the meantime, numerous methods have left the experimental stage and are clinically evaluated at present. However, existing data are offen still poor. Thermal radiofrequency ablation is favored by many users because of its results, its easy handling, different modes of application and consecutive individual optimal usage as well as its cost efficiency in spite of apparent comparable effectiveness to other interventional procedures. Before their oncological role is evaluated with certainty, all procedures should be limited to palliative situations, i.e. to the treatment of patients, who are not suitable for surgical resection. In the future, prospective studies must evaluate the role of RFA and other procedures in the treatment of liver metastases.

Titel in ÜbersetzungInterventional therapy of liver metastases
ZeitschriftChirurgische Gastroenterologie Interdisziplinar
Seiten (von - bis)349-358
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2003


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