Intensivmedizinische Qualitätsindikatoren für Deutschland – vierte Auflage 2022

Oliver Kumpf*, Markus Assenheimer, Frank Bloos, Maria Brauchle, Jan Peter Braun, Alexander Brinkmann, Patrick Czorlich, Christof Dame, Rolf Dubb, Georg Gahn, Clemens A. Greim, Bernd Gruber, Hilmar Habermehl, Egbert Herting, Arnold Kaltwasser, Sabine Krotsetis, Bastian Kruger, Andreas Markewitz, Gernot Marx, Elke MuhlPeter Nydahl, Sabrina Pelz, Michael Sasse, Stefan J. Schaller, Andreas Schäfer, Tobias Schürholz, Marina Ufelmann, Christian Waydhas, Jörg Weimann, René Wildenauer, Gabriele Wöbker, Hermann Wrigge, Reimer Riessen

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The measurement of quality indicators supports quality improvement initiatives. The German Interdisciplinary Society of Intensive Care Medicine (DIVI) has published quality indicators for intensive care medicine for the fourth time now. After a scheduled evaluation after three years, changes in several indicators were made. Other indicators were not changed or only minimally. The focus remained strongly on relevant treatment processes like management of analgesia and sedation, mechanical ventilation and weaning, and infections in the ICU. Another focus was communication inside the ICU. The number of 10 indicators remained the same. The development method was more structured and transparency was increased by adding new features like evidence levels or author contribution and potential conflicts of interest. These quality indicators should be used in the peer review in intensive care, a method endorsed by the DIVI. Other forms of measurement and evaluation are also reasonable, for example in quality management. This fourth edition of the quality indicators will be updated in the future to reflect the recently published recommendations on the structure of intensive care units by the DIVI.

Titel in ÜbersetzungQuality indicators in intensive care medicine for Germany – fourth edition 2022
ZeitschriftGMS German Medical Science
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2023