Implementation of multimedia systems based on a real-time extension of Estelle


Estelle is one of the standardized Formal Description Techniques for the specification of communication protocols and distributed systems. Unfortunately, Estelle is not capable of expressing real-time requirements resp. characteristics of services or protocols which are especially interesting in the context of distributed multimedia systems. Therefore, we developed an extension to Estelle called Real-Time Estelle that allows the description of real-time systems. In this paper, we first give a short introduction into Real-Time Estelle and compare it to earlier approaches to the inclusioin of real time into FDTs. In the main part, we discuss possibilities to implement such specifications in a manner guaranteeing QoS requirements by using a real-time operating system. An analysis shows that time bounds can be guaranteed not only for single Estelle module instances but also for module groups where single modules communicate asynchronously.

TitelFormal Description Techniques VIII (Proc. of First Joint Int. Conf. FORTE/PSTV'96, Kaiserslautern)
Redakteure/-innenR. Gotzhein, J. Bredereke
Herausgeber (Verlag)Springer Verlag
ISBN (Print)978-1-5041-2883-4
ISBN (elektronisch)978-0-387-35079-0
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1996
VeranstaltungIFIP TC6 WG6.1 International Conference on Formal Description Techniques IX / Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification XVI
- Kaiserslautern, Deutschland
Dauer: 08.10.199611.10.1996


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