How Do Health Care Professionals Perceive a Holistic Care Approach for Geriatric Patients? A Focus Group Study

Denise Wilfling, Jona Budke, Nicole Warkentin, Katja Goetz


BACKGROUND: Geriatric patients require holistic care in order to meet their complex care needs. The project RubiN (Continuous Care in a Regional Network) provides case and care management (CCM) for older people to address these needs in a primary care setting in Germany. This study aimed to explore the experiences of health care professionals who provided CCM for geriatric patients.

METHODS: Focus group interviews with general practitioners (GPs), health care assistants (HCAs), and case managers (CMs) were conducted. Transcribed data were analyzed by using qualitative content analysis.

RESULTS: Ten focus group discussions ( n = 15 GPs, n = 14 HCAs, n = 17 CMs) were conducted. The different health care professionals emphasized the importance of a holistic care approach to geriatric care. Moreover, the GPs stated that the CMs supported the patients in organizing their care. A CCM could help encourage patients to remain at their own homes, which would have an effect on patients' quality of life and satisfaction.

CONCLUSION: A well-functioning and effective cooperation between those health professionals involved is a prerequisite for a trustful relationship in the holistic care of older people. This creates a feeling of security for all people involved in the care process.

ZeitschriftInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 06.01.2023