HoloLens: Third-person Perspective

Yenjung Chen, Stamatis Risto, Felix von Haxthausen, Floris Ernst, Verónica García-Vázquez


Augmented reality (AR) glasses, such as HoloLens, are tools that can, for example, be used to provide additional infor- mation during surgery. The features Spectator View and Sharing a Scene can provide a third-person perspective to present the AR world to the general audience. Spectator View combines the view from an external camera attached to a second HoloLens and the virtual objects from the AR world. Sharing a Scene uses two HoloLens devices that share the same AR world, live streaming the point of view of one HoloLens. This study compared both approaches. Spectator View showed a larger field of view and less latency for displaying the virtual objects than Sharing a Scene. However, the real world and the virtual objects were not updated at the same time with Spectator View. Additionally, the position of the virtual objects was more accurate with Sharing a Scene. Users can decide which method to use according to their needs.
TitelStudent Conference on Medical Engineering Science, Medical Informatics, Biomedical Engineering and Auditory Technology 2019
Herausgeber (Verlag)Infinite Science Publishing GmbH
ISBN (Print)978-3-945954-57-7
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.03.2019
VeranstaltungStudent Conference 2019 - Universität zu Lübeck, Lübeck, Deutschland
Dauer: 06.03.201908.03.2019


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