Expression of gp 100 in melanoma metastases resected before or after treatment with IFNα and IL-2

Carmen Scheibenbogen*, Imke Weyers, Dirk Ruiter, Martina Willhauck, Adolfo Bittinger, Ulrich Keilholz

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The melanosomal protein gp100 was recently described as an antigen associated with tumor rejection in adoptive immunotherapy using tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes. In this study, we investigated whether the expression of gp100 in melanoma cells correlates with responsiveness to treatment with interferon-α and interleukin- 2. Using the monoclonal antibody HMB-45 recognizing gp100, we examined metastatic tissue resected before therapy in 44 patients with melanoma including 9 patients with subsequent complete or partial remission. A very heterogeneous pattern of gp100-expression was found between patients, but the percentage of gp-100 positive cells in different metastases resected from the same patients was rather constant. This suggests that the gp100 expression determined in a single metastasis may be judged as being representative for other metastatic lesions of a patient. We found no correlation between expression of gp100 and responsiveness to subsequent immunotherapy. Our results show that the lack of gp100 before therapy is not associated with decreased responsiveness to subsequent cytokine treatment.

ZeitschriftJournal of Immunotherapy
Seiten (von - bis)375-380
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1996

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