Erprobung eines Diagnostikinstruments zur Erfassung verdeckter Merkmale in der niederfrequenten ambulanten Stottertherapie

J. Zang*, H. Zückner, K. Schulte

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Noticing particular characteristics of stuttering in stuttering children and adolescents is an important aspect which is fundamental for planning the patient's therapy and for reducing psychosocial stress. Detecting those secondary aspects of stuttering and being able to work on them improves the quality of life for the patient. Due to the lack of standardized methods for diagnosing these important aspects in stuttering the questionnaire AKES was analyzed. The test group consisted of 11 patients who had low frequent ambulant therapy. The control group was made up of 11 patients who were treated in high frequency intensive therapy. Both samples were comparable in AKES level of pressure. The questionnaire AKES is suitable for measuring changes in symptoms and it shows a high reliability for all of its 4 test parts. According to that, the standardization of the AKES in the German-speaking region would be desirable. The acquisition of covered symptoms of stuttering appears necessary in ambulant and intensive therapy.

Titel in ÜbersetzungTesting the German version of the questionnaire ACES in low frequent ambulant stutter treatment
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2010
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