Derivation of oocyte-like cells from a clonal pancreatic stem cell line

S. Danner, J. Kajahn, C. Geismann, E. Klink, Charli Kruse*

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Adult pancreatic stem cells (PSCs) are able to differentiate spontaneously in vitro into various somatic cell types. Stem cells isolated from rat pancreas show extensive self-renewal ability and grow in highly viable long-term cultures. Additionally, these cells express typical stem cell markers such as Oct-4, nestin and SSEA-1. Although differentiation potential is slightly decreasing in long-term cultures, it is possible to keep cell lines up to passage 140. Clonal cell lines could be established from different passages and showed similar characteristics. Remarkably, one clonal cell line, generated from passage 75, showed deviant properties during further culture. Clonal cells formed aggregates, which built tissue-like structures in suspension culture. These generated 3D aggregates produced permanently new cells at the outside margin. Released cells had remarkable size, and closer examination by light microscopy analysis revealed oocyte-like morphology. A comparison of the gene expression patterns between primary cultures of passages 8 and 75, the clonal cell line and the produced oocyte-like cells (OLCs) from tissue-like structures demonstrated some differences. Expression of various germ cell markers, such as Vasa, growth differentiation marker 9 and SSEA-1, increased in the clonal cell line, and OLCs showed additionally expression of meiosis-specific markers SCP3 and DMC1. We here present a first pilot study investigating the putative germ line potential of adult PSCs.

ZeitschriftMolecular Human Reproduction
Seiten (von - bis)11-20
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.01.2007


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