Deregulation of a distinct set of microRNAs is associated with transformation of gastritis into MALT lymphoma

Christoph Thorns, Johannes Kuba, Veronica Bernard, Andrea Senft, Silke Szymczak, Alfred C. Feller, Heinz Wolfram Bernd*

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The mechanisms underlying the transformation from chronic Helicobacter pylori gastritis to gastric extranodal marginal zone lymphoma (MALT lymphoma) are poorly understood. This study aims to identify microRNAs that might be involved in the process of neoplastic transformation. We generated microRNA signatures by RT-PCR in 68 gastric biopsy samples representing normal mucosa, gastritis, suspicious lymphoid infiltrates, and overt MALT lymphoma according to Wotherspoon criteria. Analyses revealed a total of 41 microRNAs that were significantly upregulated (n033) or downregulated (n08) in succession from normal mucosa to gastritis and to MALT lymphoma. While some of these merely reflect the presence of lymphocytes (e.g. miR-566 and miR-212) or H. pylori infection (e.g. miR-155 and let7f), a distinct set of five microRNAs (miR-150, miR-550, miR-124a, miR-518b and miR-539) was shown to be differentially expressed in gastritis as opposed toMALT lymphoma. This differential expression might therefore indicate a central role of these microRNAs in the process of malignant transformation.

ZeitschriftVirchows Archiv
Seiten (von - bis)371-377
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.04.2012


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