Continuous spectral zooming for in vivo live 4D-OCT with MHz A-scan rates and long coherence


We present continuous three-dimensional spectral zooming in live 4D-OCT using a home-built FDML based OCT system with 3.28 MHz A-scan rate. Improved coherence characteristics of the FDML laser allow for imaging ranges up to 10 cm. For the axial spectral zoom feature, we switch between high resolution and long imaging range by adjusting the sweep range of our laser. We present a new imaging setup allowing for synchronized adjustments of the imaging range and lateral field of view during live OCT imaging. For this, a novel inline recalibration algorithm was implemented that enables numerical k-linearization of the raw OCT fringes for every frame instead of every volume. This is realized by acquiring recalibration data within the dead time of the raster scan at the turning points of the fast axis scanner. We demonstrate in vivo OCT images of fingers and hands at different resolution modes and show real three-dimensional zooming during live 4D-OCT. A three-dimensional spectral zooming feature for live 4D-OCT is expected to be a useful tool for a wide range of biomedical, scientific and research applications, especially in OCT guided surgery.
ZeitschriftBiomedical Optics Express
Seiten (von - bis)713-727
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 13.01.2022