Characterization of Local Besov Spaces via Wavelet Basis Expansions

Nadiia Derevianko, Vitalii Myroniuk, Jürgen Prestin

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In this paper we deal with local Besov spaces of periodic functions of one variable. We characterize these spaces in terms of summability conditions on the coefficients in series expansions of their elements with respect to an orthogonal Schauder basis of trigonometric polynomials. We consider a Schauder basis that was constructed by using ideas of a periodic multiresolution analysis and corresponding wavelet spaces. As an interim result we obtain a characterization of local Besov spaces via operators of the orthogonal projection on the corresponding scaling and wavelet spaces. In order to achieve our new results, we substantially use a theorem on the discretization of scaling and wavelet spaces as well as a connection between local and usual classical Besov spaces. The corresponding characterizations are also given for the classical Besov spaces.

ZeitschriftFrontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 28.03.2017


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