Atypisches Vorhofflattern: Diagnostik und Therapie

Marc Kottmaier*, Felix Bourier, Sonia Busch, Philipp Sommer, Tilman Maurer, Till Althoff, Dong In Shin, David Duncker, Victoria Johnson, Heidi Estner, Andreas Rillig, Leon Iden, Roland Tilz, Andreas Metzner, K. R.Julian Chun, Daniel Steven, Henning Jansen, Amir Jadidi, Christian Ewertsen, Tilko Reents

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In contrast to typical atrial flutter, atypical atrial flutter is a heterogeneous group of right and left atrial macro- or localized reentry tachycardias whose critical component for maintaining tachycardia is not the cavotricuspid isthmus. Atypical atrial flutter occurs more frequently after previous catheter ablation and after cardiac surgery. The intraprocedural success rate during ablation is high, although the recurrence rate depends on structural changes in the atria as well as the underlying mechanism. This article provides an overview of the mechanisms as well as mapping and ablation strategies of the most common forms of right and left atrial atypical atrial flutter. This article is part of the “EP Basics” series for targeted continuing education in invasive electrophysiology. Basics, clinic and therapy of atypical atrial flutter are presented with focus on clinically relevant aspects. Procedures and findings of invasive electrophysiological diagnostics and ablation treatment are the focus of this article.

Titel in ÜbersetzungAtypical atrial fibrillation: Diagnostics and therapy
ZeitschriftHerzschrittmachertherapie und Elektrophysiologie
Seiten (von - bis)341-350
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 09.2022

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