Aktuelle Strategien zur Systemtherapie des frühen Mammakarzinoms von der 18. Internationalen St.-Gallen-Konsensuskonferenz

Diana Lüftner*, Maggie Banys-Paluchowski, Nina Ditsch, Peter A. Fasching, Christian Jackisch, Wolfgang Janni, David Krug, Michael Untch, Nadia Harbeck, Jens Huober

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Background: For more than 30 years, The St. Gallen (SG) International Consensus Conference on the treatment of patients with primary breast cancer (SGBCC) has been taking place regularly. As the St. Gallen consensus panel consists of experts from different countries and disciplines, the votes represent an international cross-section of opinions Rationale: From the German perspective it is considered useful to discuss the results of the votes with respect to the clinical routine in Germany Basis: The discussion is related to the German guidelines of the ‚Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gynäkologische Onkologie‘ (AGO Organkommission Mamma, Version 2023.1D) which is updated every year, most recently in March 2023. Results: This year’s 18th SGBCC focused on practice-oriented issues. The individual disease situation and benefit-risk assessment were mainly based on patient cases and put in the context of current data. Here, we discuss the most important voting results on systemic therapy with a focus on endocrine therapy plus CDK4/6 inhibition, immunotherapy and PARP inhibition together with germline BRCA testing.

Titel in ÜbersetzungCurrent strategies regarding systemic therapy for early breast cancer from the 18th International St. Gallen Consensus Conference
Seiten (von - bis)1097-1108
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 12.2023

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  • Profilbereich: Lübeck Integrated Oncology Network (LION)
  • Zentren: Universitäres Cancer Center Schleswig-Holstein (UCCSH)


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