A novel multiplex-protein array for serum diagnostics of colon cancer: a case-control study

Stefanie Bünger, Ulrike Haug, Maria Kelly, Nicole Posorski, Katja Klempt-Giessing, Andrew Cartwright, Stephen P. Fitzgerald, Vicki Toner, Damien McAleer, Timo Gemoll, Tilman Laubert, Jürgen Büning, Klaus Fellermann, Hans Peter Bruch, Uwe J. Roblick, Hermann Brenner, Ferdinand von Eggeling, Jens K. Habermann*

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Background: More than 1.2 million new cases of colorectal cancer are reported each year worldwide. Despite actual screening programs, about 50% of the patients are diagnosed at advanced tumor stages presenting poor prognosis. Innovative screening tools could aid the detection at early stages and allow curative treatment interventions.Methods: A nine target multiplex serum protein biochip was generated and evaluated using a training- and validation-set of 317 highly standardized, liquid nitrogen preserved serum samples comprising controls, adenomas, and colon cancers.Results: Serum levels of CEA, IL-8, VEGF, S100A11, MCSF, C3adesArg, CD26, and CRP showed significant differences between cases and controls. The largest areas under the receiver operating characteristics curve were observed for CEA, IL-8, and CRP. At threshold levels yielding 90% specificity, sensitivities for CEA, IL-8 and CRP were 26%, 22%, and 17%, respectively. The most promising marker combinations were CEA + IL-8 reaching 37% sensitivity at 83% specificity and CEA + CRP with 35% sensitivity at 81% specificity. In an independent validation set CEA + IL-8 reached 47% sensitivity at 86% specificity while CEA + CRP obtained 39% sensitivity at 86% specificity. Early carcinomas were detected with 33% sensitivity for CEA + IL-8 and 28% for CEA + CRP.Conclusions: Apart from CEA, IL-8, and CRP, the screening value of additional blood markers and the potential advantage of combining serum biochip testing with fecal occult blood testing needs to be studied. Multiplex biochip array technology utilizing serum samples offers an innovative approach to colorectal cancer screening.

ZeitschriftBMC Cancer
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 07.09.2012


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