828 kHz retinal imaging with an 840 nm Fourier domain mode locked laser

Marie Klufts, Alejandro Martínez Jiménez, Simon Lotz, Muhammad Asim Bashir, Tom Pfeiffer, Alexander Mlynek, Wolfgang Wieser, Alexander Chamorovskiy, Adrian Bradu, Adrian Podoleanu, Robert Huber


This paper presents a Fourier domain mode locked (FDML) laser centered around 840x2005;nm. It features a bidirectional sweep repetition rate of 828 kHz and a spectral bandwidth of 40x2005;nm. An axial resolution of x223C;9.9 x00B5;m in water and a 1.4x2005;cm sensitivity roll-off are achieved. Utilizing a complex master-slave (CMS) recalibration method and due to a sufficiently high sensitivity of 84.6x2005;dB, retinal layers of the human eye in-vivo can be resolved during optical coherence tomography (OCT) examination. The developed FDML laser enables acquisition rates of 3D-volumes with a size of 200x2009;x00D7;x2009;100x2009;x00D7;x2009;256 voxels in under 100 milliseconds. Detailed information on the FDML implementation, its challenging design tasks, and OCT images obtained with the laser are presented in this paper.
ZeitschriftBiomed. Opt. Express
Seiten (von - bis)6493-6508
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.12.2023